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Your trustee and depositary partner

Regulatory change – and principally the desire to ensure the fund industry continues to provide products in which investors have confidence – has focused attention on the Trustee and Depositary function. It is essential that asset managers choose a partner who will bring both added-value to their business and certainty that fundamental tasks, including asset and investor protection, are undertaken effectively and efficiently.

A global bank at the heart of funds servicing

With over 30 years of experience we are a leading provider of Trustee and Depositary services. We safeguard $2.5 trillion in assets of over 8,800 funds in 17 domiciles¹, making BNP Paribas Securities Services one of the world’s largest provider of Trustee and Depositary services in terms of:

  • Funds monitored
  • Assets protected
  • Range of fund domiciles serviced
  • Variety of fund types and investment strategies supported

Building on the fundamentals of experience and expertise we also look to new technologies to ensure that we remain a market leader and continue to deliver a service that is comprehensive, efficient and cost effective to our clients.

We consider that building long-term relationships and forming true partnerships with clients are critical to our mutual success. We will work with you to understand the nature, scale and complexity of your business and build a partnership that will not only safeguard your assets and support you in meeting regulatory obligations, but will also contribute to your continued growth.

1 As at 30 September 2021