Equity solutions for Corporates

Securities Services

Corporates need to continuously strengthen their relationships with their investors, employee shareholders and their equity-linked governance.

In this complex environment, we have developed a wide range of flexible solutions to support you in entering the primary market, managing structural changes in your equity capital or undertaking your duties towards your shareholders.

What sets us apart?

With our Equity Solutions for Corporates, you benefit from:
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A committed provider with a 30-year track record

Tailor-made engineering solutions to support structuring projects and transactions

Fully compliant with latest industry practices and regulations on the French market, leveraging expert teams connected to domestic industry workgroups and regulatory bodies

Our solutions

Registrar services

With 30 years of experience in registry management for French corporates and a long-standing relationship with market authorities, we are a trusted partner to manage the security accounts of your registered shareholders.

We provide support and execution of any event on shareholders’ accounts (e.g. dividend payment, movement, donation, pledge, corporate action), adapting our solutions to changing regulation and fiscal rules.

Your shareholders directly access their security accounts with our Planetshares portal in order to monitor their assets and operations. They can also rely on a virtual assistant, available anytime, which complements our support team.

NOA Next Gen Online Assistant

A new service available on Planetshares :Planetshares.bnpparibas

Artificial intelligence:
  • Client :
    what can you do for me?
  • NOA:
    hello I’am NOA, your online assistant…
  • Client:
    I want to sell securities
  • NOA:
    Please choose which asset type you wish to sell…
  • NOA:
    Transaction confirmed
  • Client:
    Can I see my portfolio
  • NOA:
    One moment please while I retrieve the data
Instant response
  • NOA:
    Please select a shares category
Continuous improvement
  • Client:
    How to make a donation
  • NOA:
    I am sorry, I have not been trained yet on this topic…
A complementary service to our support team
  • Client:
    Situation report?
  • NOA:
    Is there anything else I can do for you?
NOA, your online assistant
Next Gen Online Assistant

Paying agent

As a payment-centralising agent, we are committed to optimising the dividend payments to your shareholders. We manage:

  • The payment calendar
  • Communication with market participants, e.g. Central Securities Depositories (CSDs), Euroclear participants, final beneficiaries
  • The calculation of dividend amounts to eligible shareholders
  • The payment to shareholders, either directly or through the local CSD
  • Tax collection, applying relevant withholding tax and repayment to the French tax authority

Employee share plans

Many corporates use employee share plans to support their employees’ incentive strategy. These plans are subject to stringent tax and regulatory rules. We offer tailor-made solutions to optimise the employee shareholder experience and reinforce your human resources retention policy at any stage of your plans’ lifecycle.

General meetings

Strengthened shareholders’ rights, combined with Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns are accelerating the deployment of digital solutions to manage corporates’ general meetings. We accompany you from the pre general meeting voting to the shareholders’ identification and their voting.

Our Planetshares website, dedicated to shareholders, offers a direct connection to Votaccess, the AFTI’s (Association Française des Professionnels des Titres) online voting platform. Your shareholders can vote online prior to the general meeting, with their security account as an entry point.

Corporate actions

Implementing a corporate action can require a high level of expertise especially with cross-border operations, which involve multiple stakeholders across several markets. As a global structuring and centralising agent, we can help you steer through the complexities of these transactions.

We manage all types of corporate actions in ESES (Euroclear Settlement of Euronext-zone Securities) markets and cross-border transactions for tailor-made solutions. You can benefit from our local experts and operations teams based.