ETFs: Harnessing the future by understanding the past

Webinar details:

A panel of industry experts from different areas of the of the ETF ecosystem participated in the 2021 ICI General Membership Meeting.  Jeffrey Baccash, Global Head of ETF Solutions, moderated the session on how the industry has evolved including discussions on:

  • Characteristics of early ETFs and unintended consequences that have implications today
  • Importance and evolution of liquidity in capital markets
  • How an ETF issuer’s partners can help them achieve their goals
  • Projections for the ETFs of the 2020s

Video recording originally from Investment Company Institute (ICI) General Management Meeting 2021, published with the kind permission of ICI, Invesco and Accenture.

6 May 2021

49 minutes

17 minutes

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Tech & Innovation
A Golden Age of ETFs
Tech & Innovation
A Golden Age of ETFs