The Future COO – Evolution or Revolution?

Webinar details:

Traditionally tasked with driving efficiency, the role of the COO has in recent years come to rely increasingly upon technology while striving to meet evolving client and employee expectations as part of a growing remit. In a post-pandemic world, the urgent need for operational resilience has taken contingency planning from a periodic activity to a short and long-term priority, as day-to-day operations have been radically altered.

Combined with an already increasingly complex web of interactions, we will discuss how COOs can balance organizational transformation in the longer term while dealing with today’s pressing needs.

Questions to be answered will include:

  • What kind of programmes for upskilling the workforce should be put in place?
  • How can COOs balance risk management with driving growth opportunities?
  • How have expectations for client interactions been altered by Covid-19? Has it amplified the role of the COO?
  • How can the need for long-term growth and collaboration be balanced with more pressing short-term needs?
  • Where does the COO role tend to overlap with other senior roles, and how can responsibilities be more clearly defined?
  • As COOs focus increasingly on technology, how can they adapt to have the right skills and mindset?

3 November 2020

01h02 minutes

17 minutes