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At BNP Paribas, we share our expertise to enhance your know-how. For 20 years, we have provided a complete range of sophisticated tools and services to support our institutional clients through each step of their investment decision-making processes.

Volatile markets, evolving regulations and complex investment strategies have expanded data sets and created a need for greater transparency and governance. Our trusted analytics teams can provide fast, accurate solutions to help you capture, measure and track the performance drivers and imbedded risks and exposures of the portfolios that you manage.

Today, we employ 240 global specialists covering all major global regions and produce reporting across 17 languages. Our dedicated analytics team will source, cleanse and enrich your datasets and deliver fully audited, industry-compliant metrics with reporting tailored to your needs and those of your stakeholders.






Global specialists

14 700

Monthly reports

*Figures as at September 2023

Our range of modular solutions: from Analytics ….

Our services are integrated with our upstream accounting platforms. You can select any combination of our modular analytics and receive reporting as frequently as you need – daily, weekly or monthly – and in the format that you need.

Modular solutions:

  • For performance : analytics with asset allocation analysis, contribution and attribution, performance and ex-post risk, investment reporting, fixed income attribution, factsheet reporting
  • For ex ante risk : credit and counterparty risk, ex-ante risk analysis, stress testing and scenario analysis, daily VAR (Value at Risk) reporting

We offer a broad selection of analytics to provide insight for more informed discussions with your stakeholders, boards and regulators. These include:

Performance Measurement: Time-weighted performance returns, exposures and attributions down to security level. We complement these with a variety of returns-based ex-post risk measures. Metrics can be compared against an extensive database of over 1000 indices.

Ex-Ante Risk: A range of indicators and analyses to monitor your forward-looking risk exposures and extract a consolidated view of the risk/return trade-off.

Reporting is available in a variety of formats, including via our data visualisation tool Data Navigation Analysis (DNA). DNA is interactive and dynamic. It provides real-time access to key performance, risk and ESG metrics with extensive drill down capabilities. And because it is available 24 hours a day, you will be able to access your data at any time from anywhere. 

… to regulatory reporting 

In today’s complex, multi-jurisdictional environment, you need to meet regulatory reporting requirements in a market marked by pressure on costs and increased data challenges.

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of regulatory reporting outsourcing services to cover your local and global requirements, with:

  • End-to-end reporting for ready-to-use information, such as MiFID EMT, UCITS KIID, PRIIPs EPT,  AIFMD Annex IV, and local reporting for Germany, Netherlands, Italy, etc.
  • Bespoke calculations, ready to integrate in your reports: UCITS and PRIIPs SRI, MiFID and PRIIPs Costs and Charges

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Leveraging new technologies and partnerships, we facilitate data integration, consolidation and reporting. We support our clients in integrating our data and reporting inputs into their own service offering, and deliver continuous thought leadership on regulatory reporting matters.


Fulfilling your regulatory reporting requirements
towards your investors, regulatory authorities and distributors

Your challenges

  • Fast-moving and multi-jurisdictional environment
  • Increasing data volumes and complexity
  • Pressure on costs

By working with us, you benefit from

  • A wide range of regulatory reporting covering local and global requirements
  • Flexible offering with service tailored to your needs
  • Smooth data integration, consolidation and reporting
  • Constant regulatory watch

Key figures

  • 3 regions
    Asia Pacific, Europe, North America
  • 13 countries
  • 17 languages

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[1] Securities Services internal figures, end of December 2022


AIFMD : Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive

EMT : European MiFID Template

EPT :  European PRIIPs Template 

KIID : Key Investor Information document 

MiFID : Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

PRIIPs : Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance-Based Products

SRI : Summary Risk Indicator

TPT : Tripartite Template

UCITS :  Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities

Tripartite template: how data can help reduce capital consumption under Solvency II

In this episode, we want to explore with you the hidden power of TPT data.

Regulatory reporting: an interview with Valérie Nicaise

This article is an extract from a panel first published by Asset Servicing Times on 7 July 2021, featuring Valérie Nicaise, Global leader of Regulatory Reporting, BNP Paribas Securities Services.