In an increasingly complex market environment, financial institutions’ need for powerful and flexible digital services is greater than ever.

Delivered globally by Securities Services at BNP Paribas, NeoLink is designed to support effective decision making and drive up efficiency throughout the investment cycle.

NeoLink is an all-in-one platform covering the diversity of institutional clients’ requirements. Integrating BNP Paribas applications, fintech services, artificial intelligence and omnichannel connectivity all together. And combining a wide range of business domains.

Engineered with clients, NeoLink provides an elevated, seamless, and user-centric digital experience.

NeoLink enables effective decision making thanks to customisable dashboards and analytics. Leverage powerful insights to better hedge short term risks and bolster long term decisions.

NeoLink drives up operational efficiency. It comprehensively simplifies business transactions, controls, workflows and reporting. Submitting and managing instructions has never been easier. Navigation and controls leverage a new modular workspace with apps, widgets, tabs, and split screens. And with the AI-powered virtual assistant NOA. Retrieve data and get answers to questions both quickly. And simply.

NeoLink, Reach further

From settlement, corporate actions and income to positions and CSDR reporting, NeoLink assists you in your investment strategy and objectives for all your custody activities.

Our suite of apps for custody


Manage your settlement activities: instruction, monitoring, follow up on confirmations, information about our sub-custody networks.

Securities positions

Consult your assets for each securities account: a global overview across your portfolios and intraday positions as desired.

Corporate actions

Instruct your corporate actions with clear identification of events requiring your input. Issue direct answers, monitor confirmations, check proxy voting information, and keep an eye on shareholder identification and class actions.


Your one-stop-shop for operational tax management.


Instruct, view and download positions and data, follow up on fund dealing activity (including the inducement ex-post reporting if applicable to you) and access your Allfunds Connect solution if you have purchased a Connect Licence from Allfunds Bank.

Shareholder identification

Retrieve shareholder identification responses provided to issuers on your behalf and shareholder identification requests.

General meetings

Retrieve general meeting notifications and submit your vote instructions for securities held within your accounts.

CSDR penalties

Get access to daily and monthly CSDR reports for penalties and reconciliation.

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We have designed a solution giving you access to your cash, from anywhere and at anytime.

All data can be aggregated by market and by currency, and downloadable for integration in your systems. Payment templates and file uploads expedite payment initiation and reduce operational risk.

Our suite of apps for cash and liquidity management

Cash & payment

Access your cash, from anywhere and at anytime and execute safely your payments and treasury activities based on an extended visibility on all your end of day and intraday balances.

My Treasury

Access your cash balance forecasts with different levels of granularity. Benefit from time-stamped real-time reporting supporting your forecasting activities, including a global and consolidated forecast on all your transactions, on all accounts, and all currencies across multiple locations up to 7 days into the future.

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NeoLink is specifically designed to provide you with a range of tools to monitor & manage your financial & commodity derivatives business with BNP Paribas.

Our suite of apps for clearing

Margin advisor

Margin Advisor is an initial and variation margin simulation tool that can be utilised for what-if analysis and real-time portfolio margining based on uploaded position files or manually input/adjusted positions.

Notable features include:

  • Stress testing of variation margin
  • Calculation uses both start of day and real-time positions
  • Automatically loads live client positions
  • Save scenarios and download results

Reporting suite

Monitor your financial & commodity derivatives business including end-of day reports, intra-day trade confirmations, upcoming expiries, regulatory and customised reporting.

  • Flexible scheduling and formatting
  • Sent to you via email and/or file transfer
  • Customisable displays and search criteria
  • Retrieve historical reports from up to one year

Post-trade services


The reconciliation tool allows you to reconcile your trades and positions available quickly and easily in the portal against your own books and records.

  • Perform reconciliations of trades, positions (net or detailed) and initial margin
  • Perform both intra-day and end-of-day reconciliations up to and including the previous five working days
  • Clear descriptions of breaks and mismatches


The cash instructions screen for corporate clients allows you to input instructions to settle your margin call or withdraw surplus cash.

  • Simple and intuitive cash instruction creation
  • Monitor the status of your instructions

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Your focus is on protecting and growing your core business in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. NeoLink is our answer to your needs for a timely, accurate, and consolidated view of data for fund services.

Our suite of apps for fund services

Fund administration

Protect and grow your core business thanks to a robust daily fund accounting oversight (daily NAV summary report, inventory file, and a full suite of reporting solutions).

Transfer agent

Retrieve all key insights around transfer agency services, as a fund manager (consolidated view of your fund distribution with high-quality data) or as an investor (orders placement and real-time follow-up, account positions tracking).

Investment compliance

Track breaches to resolution. Be notified of new alerts, view, search and update investment compliance breach reports.

Depositary services

Access details of all your breach alerts and interact with your depositary officer to validate and close breaches. (This solution is currently only available in France)

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Our suite of apps for dealing and middle-office services

Middle-office transactions

Manage your trade activity on listed instruments: instruct your transactions, follow the evolution of the trade lifecycle.

Dealing services

Send and follow your buy/sell orders across different asset classes through DSLink, our webportal dedicated to dealing services.

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We have bolstered our digital offering to alternative fund managers and their investors with the release of two enhanced solutions, CapLink Investor and CapLink Private.

Get simple and secure access to digitalised reporting, ESG insights and data analytics capabilities for enhanced transparency and to support your investment-making decisions.

CapLink Investor is a comprehensive digital solution for fund managers, investors, and authorised contacts, offering essential information and insights across their fund holdings. With a user-friendly interface available in English and Simplified Chinese, CapLink Investor is well suited for hedge fund and liquid alternative managers, single hedge funds, fund of hedge funds and their investors.

  • Co-created from inception with clients, leveraging the design thinking and lean start-up methodologies of our Digital Innovation Lab
  • Real-time access to data across the full trade lifecycle, including supporting documentation for all tax, financial and reporting purposes
  • Truly differentiated and unified user experience across web and tablet interfaces
  • Modern, secure, digital ecosystem giving you the information you need and how you need it

CapLink Private provides digital reporting through data visualisation, end-to-end workflow management, and risk and performance analytics capabilities for non-listed investments. It is designed to assist private management companies, diversified asset managers and asset owners managing private capital investment programmes, offering an up-to-date view on investments such as private equity, private debt and infrastructure within direct funds or fund of funds structures.

Intraday oversight
Access all your fund data with the latest performance indicators across multiple layers via dynamic data visualisation featuring look-through capabilities.

Seamless workflows
Utilise centralised online process to validate capital call and distribution notices along with your capital account statements.

Smart insights
Gain advanced risk and performance analytics on your closed-ended funds using state-of-the-art quantitative models.

Secure access
Be assured that your data is protected in data centres adhering to BNP Paribas’ IT Security standards, ensuring secure access to information and to carried interest in particular.

Designed to facilitate your investments, enhance your performance, and help reducing your risks, our Foreign Exchange, Financing and Triparty Collateral solutions are fully integrated into our NeoLink suites of apps.

Our suite of apps for market and financing services

Triparty collateral services

Manage your triparty collateral activities in real-time with your counterparties, monitor your instructions, collateral holdings, eligibility and related obligations.

Collateral Allocation

Flexible to get closer to your allocation strategy, through two models:

  • Order and prioritise
  • Linear programming

Cutting Edge Features

  • Re-use of collateral received
  • Manual collateral allocation
  • Substitution without credit line
  • Access to segregated markets


  • Check eligibility cross-counterparties with details on haircuts, concentration limits, corporate actions and settlement cut-off times
  • Simulate exposures (existing or future) vis-à-vis a given asset inventory (existing or virtual) and identify which assets would be selected

Forex orders

Our Automated FX app “AFX” (hosted on Centric and accessible via NeoLink) is a smart, transparent and flexible solution to monitor and manage FX cash flows for custody and third-party accounts.

It offers extended digital reporting capabilities of FX spot deals originated from our Automated FX service as well as a user-friendly input order module.

Forex orders confirmations are also available in a dedicated NeoLink app.


Enjoy a unique interface to manage your financing and trading needs.

Submit your funding requests, set up dual checks, and benefit from a wide range of features, such as access to reports and funding history.


  • Enter drawdowns as per your credit facility conditions easily and securely
  • Track drawdown history, pending or matured drawdowns, including details of interests at maturity

FX credit exposure

  • See the usage of your commitment (%) for your FX exposure

Cash flow forecast

  • Track your current cash balance and the expected drawdown movements

Max loan-to-value and borrowing capacity

  • Track your borrowing capacity in real-time

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My Reporting

A dedicated app to manage and access your reporting on NeoLink to help you:

  • Take short-term actions
  • Get comprehensive oversight
  • Substantiate long-term decisions

The intuitive and seamless interface guides you every step of the way in your reporting journey. You can customise your reporting and tailor your distribution channels as desired.

For increased operational efficiency, you can schedule and share your reporting directly from the app.

Template customisation

Benefit from a library of templates and take advantage of customisation features to:

  • Select the data you need
  • Align how your data is structured with your requirements leveraging our preview feature

Distribution channels tailoring

Access your reporting through multiple channels:

  • Web access to run and share reports
  • Notifications, secured emails, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) via an online scheduler

My Documents

With the My Documents app, enjoy a global and secure repository where all your reports are stored.

Because everything happens on NeoLink, your data remain safe. Benefit from recertified and granular access rights to allow users to access only the data they are entitled to view.

Data analytics

Reporting is also available via our Data Navigation & Analysis (DNA) tool.

DNA is interactive and dynamic. It provides online access to key performance and risk analytics with extensive drill down capabilities.

And because it is available 24 hours a day, you will be able to access your data at anytime from anywhere.

API store

Our API store is a one-stop-shop portal for all CIB APIs, allowing you to browse our offering via a user-friendly catalogue hosting all client-facing APIs.

Market and client updates

Access Market and Client updates providing key insights on critical topics (local and global regulation, custody details, new developments at BNP Paribas, etc.), with coverage of more than 90 markets.

Client service review

We strongly believe that service reviews are a powerful catalyst to improve client experience.

This is why we leverage technology to offer a digital solution to support service review meetings. Available on NeoLink, the client service review app serves as an easy point of contact for our interactions and helps you keep track of our action plans. The result: a better service model with more transparency and full documentation.

E-learning modules

Newcomers to the financial industry need to learn a lot of information to develop knowledge and expertise. Seasoned professionals need to keep pace with an industry in transformation.

This is why we have created a digital upskilling experience. Four user-centric e-learning modules are available on NeoLink to help clients train newcomers and strengthen staff engagement.

This digital upskilling experience covers:

  • Custody
  • Securities lending
  • Investment funds
  • Depositary services

NOA gives you instant access to your data. Quickly and simply.


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