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In today’s global financial context, investors around the world are looking beyond their regional borders to diversify investments while asset managers have increasingly established distribution abroad.

Distributors must find products that provide real perspectives in terms of return and income protection. Their business needs to grow in a complex environment marked by stringent regulations, pressure on costs and with increased distribution monitoring and data needs.

The changing context has led to a shift in investor attitudes. Institutional investors, especially pension funds, are becoming less domestically oriented and their portfolios are becoming more global. Both institutional and retail investors are looking to diversify their asset allocation in new asset classes to capitalise on the potential of emerging market opportunities.

Supporting your international ambitions

At BNP Paribas Securities Services, we understand the strong efforts our clients are putting into looking at new areas of growth and the difficulties they encounter in entering new markets without a physical presence. With a reinforced range of services and a partnership approach, we support your strategic expansion strategies through our multi-local fund distribution programme to help you make the most of the growth opportunities across the globe.

With our on-the-ground presence and expertise, our extensive global presence and proximity to industry players (institutional investors, distributors) we can help you succeed in your international sales strategy.