Derivatives Execution & Clearing

Securities Services

Regulatory developments have reshaped the execution, processing and clearing of some types of derivatives, leading market participants to reconsider their derivatives strategy.

BNP Paribas has combined its expertise across Securities Services and Global Markets to create Derivatives Execution & Clearing. This is a single, cross-asset integrated execution & clearing business to help our clients alleviate the impacts of regulations and the challenges they have created

Our solutions

Derivatives Execution & Clearing provides a full range of services in OTC and ETD clearing and execution, across asset classes (equities, fixed income and commodities). We operate globally with a direct presence on most of the world’s markets.

A cross-asset, integrated execution & clearing business

We offer clients a solution to meet their specific needs – with the ability to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all clearing and execution needs, coordinated by a central client relationship and sales team that guides our clients through the entire process.

By combining our OTC and listed clearing and execution expertise with collateral and custody experience, we believe we have a competitive advantage in terms of offering a single entry point, specialist reporting tools and cash settlement netting across all OTC and ETD transactions.

Simplified operational solutions

We have a state-of-the-art offering that adds value to our clients. We offer simplified operational solutions, with consolidated entry points for key operational processes, including a single web portal (NeoLink) client support team and reporting.

NeoLink provides a comprehensive set of tools to manage information, monitor activity and communicate with us. It has been designed to give ‘always on’ access to extensive sets of organised and clearly presented information.