BNP Paribas Securities Services achieves 38 outperformer statuses in Agent Banks in Major Markets survey


BNP Paribas Securities Services achieved solid results in Global Custodian’s 2021 Agent Banks in Major Markets survey, with outperformer status gained across 38 Global, Market and Category areas.

Global Custodian’s Agent Bank survey reflects the views and perceptions of cross-border investors about the post-trade services they receive in markets around the world.

The results are testament to BNP Paribas Securities Services’ commitment to deliver top-tier client experience and asset safety, while providing access to far-reaching digital innovation.

Key results

Notably, out of 15 enrolled markets, BNP Paribas Securities Services achieved:

  • Global outperformer status in 10 markets, market outperformer in 13 markets, and category outperformer in all markets.
  • Global, Market and Category outperformer in 10 markets (Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Netherlands)
  • Outperformer status in 11 markets in Relationship Management, 12 markets in Account Management, and 13 markets in Client Service.
  • Outperformer status in 11 markets in Asset Servicing, Regulation and Compliance, and in 12 markets in Asset Safety and Risk Management
  • Outperformer status in 10 markets in Technology, Digitalisation and Innovation, and Data Services.

I would like to thank our clients for their continued support and partnership. I am delighted to see our client service culture, rich product range and innovative approach to technology recognised by our clients. We remain committed to the development of our offering worldwide.

Graham Ray, Global Head of Sales & Relationship Management for Financial Intermediaries at BNP Paribas Securities Services

Our long-term commitment to local expertise and market proximity continues to deliver value to our clients first, and to the industry as a whole. This is an additional source of motivation for our teams, global and local, to strive for more.

Bruno Campenon, Global Head of Financial Intermediaries and Corporates Client Line at BNP Paribas Securities Services

What our clients say

“I think I receive an outstanding service and support, that has helped in strengthening the relation­ship.”

Italian client about services in Germany

“All in all, a very pleasant and reliable relation­ship!”

European bank client about services in Hong Kong SAR

“BNPP provide an excellent service and have done over the years.”

North American client about services in Ireland

“Very good service especially around the tax team.”

French client about services in Italy