BNP Paribas Securities Services’ ESG marketplace, Manaos, strengthens its sustainability offering with Util and V.E partnerships

BNP Paribas Securities Services’ ESG marketplace, Manaos, today announces the onboarding of two new partners – Util and V.E, part of Moody’s ESG Solutions – to enrich its sustainability data and analytics offering.

Manaos, an open servicing platform designed for institutional investors to manage their post-trade investment data, aims to become the leading marketplace for sourcing ESG data and monitoring and reporting on sustainability. As part of its Open ESG strategy, Manaos partners with leading sustainability fintechs to give users ready access to a wide range of ESG data and analytics tools.

Now live on Manaos, Util’s machine learning models quantify the degree to which every listed company positively and negatively impacts the 17 UN SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and their 169 targets. To objectively evaluate a company’s real-world impact, Util focuses on the effects of its products and services and draws conclusions from peer-reviewed journals.

Manaos has also onboarded data from V.E, part of Moody’s ESG Solutions, which is a global pioneer in ESG investing and sustainable finance. V.E.’s data, scores and assessments help investors to better understand their exposure to ESG risks and opportunities, and facilitate reporting, innovation and active engagements with companies.

In March, Manaos announced a partnership with Clarity AI, a leading sustainability and data science company.

Patrice Hiddinga, CEO of Manaos, stated: “The onboarding of Clarity AI, Util and V.E makes a strong case for the benefits of complementary approaches to ESG. Using Manaos, investors are finally able to assess the ESG impact of their portfolio by mapping their investment data to the most innovative fintechs on the market quickly and efficiently.”

Patrick Wood Uribe, CEO of Util, commented: “The partnership between Manaos and Util supports our long-term goal of empowering all investors to better understand and compare the impact of their investments. Our analytics provide greater accuracy, coverage and depth than traditional datasets or aggregators. This new way of measuring impact gives our clients unprecedented insight into how their portfolios affect the complex social and environmental challenges facing the world.”

Sabine Lochmann, Global Head of Moody’s ESG Measures & President at V.E, added: “This partnership underpins our commitment to drive sustainable investment. Clients will now be able to leverage our extensive ESG and climate risk data to make better-informed and more sustainable investment decisions. With digital security now more prevalent than ever, we are proud that our data offering will be available to institutional investors through Manaos’ highly secure cloud platform.”

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Util uses machine learning to measure the real-world impact of every company and portfolio, empowering investors to make more informed investment decisions. Objective, universal and sophisticated, Util’s analytics capture the myriad ways in which 45,000 listed companies—of every size, geography, and sector—affect the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and thousands of other sustainability concepts. The result is a value metric for extra-financial performance that sits beside that of financial performance, paving the way for diversified and differentiated sustainable strategies that capture the complexities of the global economy.

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V.E has been part of Moody’s ESG Solutions since 2019. Moody’s ESG Solutions is a business unit of Moody’s Corporation that serves the growing global demand for ESG and climate insights. The group’s comprehensive offering includes ESG scores, climate data, Sustainability Ratings and Sustainable Finance certifier services that help fulfil the broad spectrum of ESG-related goals in risk management, equity and credit markets. 

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