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Investment fund centre in Europe


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Luxembourg market positioning

Established in 1919 in Luxembourg

Active participation and involvement with the regulatory body, industry associations, workgroups

ISAE3402 certified for Fund Administration, Global Custody, Transfer Agency and Private Capital activities

N°1 Depositary for Private Capital Funds (10.72% market share)

1st Investment Fund Centre in Europe

My role as a leader is to ensure
we always stay true to our DNA

Robert van Kerkhoff,
BNP Paribas Securities Services,
Head of Luxembourg, Ireland & Channel Islands

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Who to contact for a complaint?
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The Client can address any complaint to the Bank in accordance with the Bank’s complaint management policy which has been defined according to the CSSF Regulation N°16-07 relating to out-of-court complaint resolution. The details are also described on the Bank’s Internet site:

1. Any complaint has to be addressed either to the client development department or to the head of an operational department of the Bank in accordance with the contact details provided to you and shall include the full name and address of the Client as well as its account number.

The Client will receive a written acknowledgement of its complaint within 5 business days after receipt by the Bank of the Client’s complaint, unless the answer itself is provided within this period.  An answer to the Client’s complaint will be provided by the Bank within a period which cannot exceed one month after the date of receipt of the complaint. If an answer cannot be provided within one month, the Bank shall inform the Client of the causes of the delay and indicate the date at which its examination will be achieved.

2. In the absence of an answer or a satisfactory answer, the Client has the opportunity to raise the complaint up to the level of the management of the Bank. For this purpose, the Client can contact one of the following members of BNP Paribas Securities Services Luxembourg’s Management Committee

Mr. Robert van Kerkhoff, Head of Location

Mrs. Yasmine Din, Head of Client Services Management & Market Specialists

Mr. Christian Dominique, Head of Client Delivery – Banking Services Operations and Corporate Trust Operations

To ensure a more efficient reply, the Client shall include the reference indicated in the Bank’s response to the initial complaint.

3. If the complaint handling at the level of the responsible person as referred to in the paragraph 2. does not result in a satisfactory answer within one month, the Client can file a request to the CSSF within one year after the filing of the complaint with the Bank, in the context of the out-of-court complaint resolution procedure at the CSSF.  If the case arises, the Bank confirms its decision to have recourse to the out-of-court complaint resolution procedure to resolve the dispute.

If the Client is willing to file a request with the CSSF, acting as an out-of-court complaint resolution body, it shall do so in writing, either by post or by fax or by email (to the address /number available on the CSSF website) or online on the CSSF website. In order to facilitate the filing of a request, the CSSF publishes a form on its website:

All necessary information concerning the content of the request to be addressed to the CSSF can be found in the CSSF Regulation N°16-07 relating to out-of-court complaint resolution which can be found on the CSSF website.