T+1 impact on custody operations

BNP Paribas hosted a webinar on the impact of T+1 on custody operations

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US T+1: get the full picture

US T+1, affirmation, and the settlement cycle

Get to grips with the affirmation process and the role it plays in the US T+1 settlement cycle.

T+1 for asset owners and asset managers in Europe and APAC

Canada, Mexico and the US decided to shorten their securities settlement cycles to T+1. What are the impacts on front- to back-office operations?

T+1 settlement: Are you ready?

Settlement cycles around the world have been shortening for years, but the changes required for T+1 are of a different order of magnitude. Explore the changes by region.

BNP Paribas hosted a webinar during which our experts shared their insight on the impact of T+1 on custody operations.

The discussion focused on:

  • Today and into the future: T+1 in the US, Canada, Mexico, and globally
  • What do shortened settlement cycles mean for custody operations globally?
  • How BNP Paribas is preparing to support clients through the changes


  • Brian FAGEN | Managing Director, Co-Head of Americas Cash Equities Markets, Global Markets Americas
  • Diller DJIVAH | Senior Product Manager, Middle Office, Securities Services
  • Emmanuelle RIESS | Senior Local Custody Product Manager, Securities Services
  • Silvia SANCIN | Senior Custody Solutions Manager, Securities Services
  • Yann GALAND | Head of Change & Transformation, T+1 Programme Lead, Securities Services


  • Alan CAMERON | Head of Client Line Advisory, Securities Services