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Our comprehensive fund administration services

As an asset manager, your focus is on protecting and growing your core business in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. You need a reliable, single partner that has the size, resilience and reputation to sustain the trust of your investors.

With our deep technical expertise, experienced staff and comprehensive end-to-end solution covering fund accounting, reporting and administrative support, we can help you to meet your local, regional and global needs today and tomorrow.

Due to the scale and flexibility of our organisation, combined with our large regional coverage and integrated systems, we can operate funds across the globe in a cost-efficient manner, reducing time to market for your investment solutions.

Fully integrated solution for funds

Our fund administration services are integrated within the BNP Paribas Group which allows us to offer you a complete fund outsourcing solution. You will benefit from mutualisation of innovative developments across our clients and jurisdictions.

We have implemented a streamlined process fostering an automated end to end approach with straight-through processing links to

  • Custody
  • Derivatives management
  • Transfer Agency
  • Investment Compliance
  • Depositary Bank
  • Performance and analytics
  • Reporting solutions
  • Market financing solutions

Our Net Asset Value (NAV) process is highly automated with a robust systematic control framework for each stage in the NAV production. In addition to our core NAV calculation service, we can provide you with a comprehensive suite of services, including

  • Fully compliant regulatory and financial reporting
  • Full suite of regulatory solutions (i.e. UCITS and PRIIPS KIIDs, On-going Charges Ratio or OCR,  European PRIIPS Template or EPT, European MiFID Template or EMT)
  • Cross-border tax solutions and services
  • Customised suite of reports, flexible APIs and web access to data and reporting via our web portal “NeoLink”
  • Extensive fund accounting oversight reporting
  • Asset pricing uniformity through our global valuation policy offering
  • Automated trade capture from multiple internal and external sources
  • Liquidity management solutions (full or partial swing pricing, anti-dilution levies)
  • Performance fee calculations through dedicated software tools
  • Asset pooling solutions

One-stop shop to address your fund administration needs

We can support you, your evolving business needs and, in particular, the globalisation of your activities with our integrated bank model.

We provide a global service model with local production and expertise. We offer a genuine global operating model by harmonising processes and core platforms and an efficient 24/6 follow-the-sun model.

You can also rely on our local teams to ensure we meet your market and regulatory requirements. We support over 100 different fund vehicles, across multiple domiciles and legal structures, while producing over 1.7 million NAVs per annum. We have a local presence in 19 markets covering all main fund jurisdictions in Asia-Pacific, Europe and America. 

Differentiated by service

Innovation is core to our fund administration strategy. We have developed a comprehensive, flexible core reporting suite, enhanced dynamic reporting solutions through our DNA (Digital Navigation & Analysis) tool. Along with our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offer, we can provide you with innovative and efficient solutions for your fund administration oversight, analysis and data needs.

By working with us, you benefit from:   

We deliver a robust 24/6 follow-the-sun model, with operating centres across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, while offering a comprehensive range of services for international fund managers

Integrated model
We offer a fully integrated global NAV process, supplemented by a selection of best of breed solutions.

Continuous optimisation of our operating model, core platform investment and innovation through new technology initiatives.

Our deep technical expertise, dedicated subject matter experts and our comprehensive Fund Administration end-to-end solutions allows us to meet your local, regional and global needs today and as they evolve.

Breadth of service
As a global services provider, in addition to the core fund administration services we can offer you a full suite of additional services including legal, regulatory and financial reporting, distribution tax services.

Key figures

EUR 2.4+trn

assets under administration, covering more than 9,300 funds across the globe

1.7 million

NAVs (Net Asset Values) per year

Coverage of more than 100 types

of fund vehicles including traditional funds, ETFs, hedge funds, private equity, real estate
and loan funds


Growing your fund business in a complex environment

Your challenges

  • find a reliable, resilient and flexible partner
  • Operate funds across the globe in a cost-efficient manner
  • Reduce the time to market

By working with us, you will benefit from

  • A global coverage with a robust 24/6 follow-the-sun model
  • A fully integrated Net Asset Valuation process
  • Continuous investments in our core platforms and new technologies
  • Dedicated experts to meet local, regional and global needs
  • A full suite of services including legal, regulatory and financial reporting
  • Innovative NAV oversight solutions and comprehensive data delivery

Key figures

  • Covering 9,300+ funds globally
  • 19 jurisdictions
  • 1.2 million Net Asset Values calculated per year
  • EUR 2.5trn assets under administration

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[1] Securities Services internal figures, end of December 2023

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